EW 30

Are You Looking for a High-Quality Indoor Atmospheric Water Generator?

Sustainability starts at home. And now, with the EW 30 from Eshara Water, you have a drinking water generator that produces high-quality, pure drinking water with a refreshing taste. No longer will you have to purchase large quantities of bottled water and run the risk of contributing to pollution — simply create water from air! 

By doing so, you not only eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottled water, but you also support significant environmental change, including removing the need for the large-scale transportation of water. 

The EW 30 is also the perfect-sized drinking water generator for offices. If you’re looking to do away with the watercooler of old and replace it with an efficient, sustainable alternative — look no further.

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EW 30

EW 30

The new water cooler! The EW 30 is designed for small communities, such as mid-to-small offices and household use, replacing 5 gallon water bottles

Generates 30 litres of water per day
Patented Alpha Air Flow increases energy efficiency by 30%
Eshara Water Filtration system with added UV purification
Dashboard monitoring of system performance via 4G data uplink to a cloud server
Water is served chilled, hot or at room temperature
Stainless steel dispensing nozzle
Plug and play using electric power

High-Quality Water Delivered at a Fraction of the Price

Our air to water machines create water that is six times more cost-effective than bottled water. By eliminating the need for bottled water and its large-scale transportation, our machines are by far the most advanced and sustainable water solution available. Eshara Water’s air-to-water generators will deliver the tested number of litres stated, whether outside or inside, in air conditioning*, meaning you’ll never be caught short.

Whether you are providing water for yourself and your family, your employees, customers or large communities, an atmospheric water generator from Eshara Water can reduce your water consumption costs.

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*Under laboratory testing conditions, our machines will deliver the tested number of litres at 21c and 51% humidity.

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