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We’re on a global mission to provide sustainable solutions to our planet’s water and waste crisis and we’re looking for businesses to walk beside us and distribute our atmospheric water machines.

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What We Do At Eshara Water


At Eshara Water, after years of industry-research, we’ve created revolutionary atmospheric water machines that create high-quality drinking water from the humidity in the air. Now, we’re looking for partners to distribute our leading air-to-water technology.

We’ve eliminated the need for environmentally harmful materials and processes involving single-use plastic bottles and large-scale transportation. Rather than turning to bottled water that’s travelled thousands of miles, our machines make it possible to access purer, healthier water that’s created at the point of consumption, and significantly cheaper than bottled water, in most cases 6 x cheaper.

We’re looking for partners across the world who can distribute our air-to-water technology into local markets.

When you partner with Eshara Water, you have the exciting opportunity to grow your business by expanding your offerings to include revolutionary atmospheric water machines. The cost effectiveness of our technology enables you to produce compelling business cases for your customers to switch away from single-use plastic as their source for drinking water.

The Issue

With so much drinking water being sold in single-use plastic bottles, plastic in our rivers, oceans and landfills is at an unmanageable and unsustainable level.

As well as costing us the Earth, bottled water is costing businesses a lot to distribute. There’s the cost of large-scale transportation and storage, and businesses are indirectly paying for packaging, which makes bottled water far more expensive than Eshara drinking water made from the Air, on average 6 x more expensive.

Not only that, but global natural water resources are scarce, and climate change and growing demand have made current water usage unsustainable.

The Impact

The plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans is causing devastating damage to the ecosystems living in it, threatening the survival of marine life.

We’re also already facing a global water crisis. More than 10% of the world’s population lack access to drinking water.

From a business perspective, distributing bottled water can also stop businesses from meeting important sustainability targets, and the cost of bottled water can have a significant impact on profitability.

The Solution

Our atmospheric water machines harness leading technology to provide safe and clean water for people to drink.

We offer an environmentally friendly and very cost-effective method of drinking water distribution compared to bottled water.

Our machines create water at the point of consumption, negating the need for single-use plastic bottles and highly-polluting mass transportation.

Our air to water technology has the power to ensure people in all corners of the world have access to drinking water, while also alleviating pressure on freshwater resources and reducing plastic pollution.

Regions and Countries We Cover: We’re Expanding Our Reach with the Help of Our Partners

Eshara Water HQ is based in the United Arab Emirates with our products serving the entire Middle East and beyond. With the help of our partners, our operations are rapidly expanding towards Europe, Africa, The Americas and Asia, and we aim to make our sustainable water solutions available globally.

Being environmentally friendly positively impacts entire businesses, and companies are increasingly searching for new ways to operate sustainably. Our atmospheric water machines reduce pollution, transportation issues and business costs, which is why so many organisations are climbing aboard.

As an Eshara Water distributor, you’ll have the chance to be a part of this growing market. You can grow your profits and gain market share by offering drinking water solutions unlike any other.

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Do you think your customers or clients would be interested in making a difference to their business and the planet with a sustainable drinking water distribution solution? We’re on a mission to deliver sustainable water solutions to businesses and communities of all sizes by distributing our water machines across the world. But we can’t do it alone.

Partner with Eshara Water and help us distribute leading air to water technology.

We provide innovative drinking water products for you to distribute, and you get to expand your offerings and grow your business with the latest state-of-the-art drinking water technology. In addition to increasing your revenue, our products will help you position sustainability at the heart of your business, attract eco-conscious clients, and increase client satisfaction with a range of advanced, eco-friendly drinking water machines that are perfect for their business, home or community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our atmospheric water machines create clean, fresh drinking water from the humidity in the air with a hyper-efficient condensing process. Water is filtered, mineralised and treated with Ozone and Ultraviolet light to ensure its purity.

We have atmospheric water machines specifically designed for outdoor and indoor use, depending on need. This ensures a workable solution for every user.

Eshara’s atmospheric water machines create water that is six times more cost-effective than bottled water. We eliminate the need for plastic bottles and its large-scale transportation. Whether you sell to consumers or businesses, you can sell your customers on the benefits of getting the water they need, when they need it. No unnecessary water bills, and no need for an excessive supply of bottled drinking water.

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