How to Supply Your Own Water Off the Grid

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Supplying your own water off the grid isn’t as difficult as it sounds, as long as you choose the right solution.

A growing number of people are going off-grid and setting up their own utilities, instead of relying on municipal electricity and water supplies, and while it’s not always the easiest endeavour, there are real benefits. You’re in control of your own supplies, so you’re not hit by outages, contamination or added chemicals to water you’d rather not consume, and you help lower your carbon footprint — and your bills.

Wind and solar solutions will deliver power to your property when you unplug from the city or town supply, but how to supply your own water off the grid? It’s a trickier proposition. Not only do you have to source the supply but you have to devise a way to deliver it to your home and ensure it’s clean and suitable for human consumption. Here are some ways you can go about it.


Ways of Supplying Your Own Water Off-Grid



One of the most common ways to supply your own water off the grid is to dig a well on your property and source it from an underground stream of freshwater. If you find enough, the well can keep you supplied for many years, and all you need is a basic pump to get it out of the ground and into the house.

How do you find such an abundant supply of freshwater if you can’t see it, and what happens if you spend thousands on digging the well only to come up empty?

You can hire a company that uses scientific methods to scan for aquifers or you can go the traditional and somewhat old-fashioned route and find yourself a water dowser who may be able to locate a source for you — it’s a form of divination that uses a forked stick and stretches back centuries; many people swear by it.



If you live in a damp climate that has lots of rainfall, you’re in the perfect place to supply your own water off the grid. Just set up a rainwater catchment or harvesting system and it’s all yours to freely collect and store. You can choose from something as simple as rainwater barrels or opt for a more elaborate set-up that has gutters to collect and divert rainwater to a specialised tank where it can be purified and made safe for human use. The downside is that if it doesn’t rain for a while and this is your only source, you may be stuck.


Bought Water

Another solution to going off-grid with your water supply is to buy it, either in bulk from the supermarket — although you most likely won’t be able to use it as running water — or from a water company that will transport large amounts to you in a truck that you can use to fill an elevated water tank that uses gravity to get it into your pipes and out your taps. If you are going off-grid for your water needs, it’s a good idea to store some water in bottled form anyway, just in case your source temporarily dries up.

Atmospheric Water Generator

One of the easiest and most sustainable ways of getting water off the grid is to use the air that’s all around you. Sound nuts? Far from it. The air is laden with moisture (all those clouds full of water) and it can now be efficiently extracted and made safe for human consumption, with an atmospheric water generator.

Eshara Water’s air-to-water technology is revolutionising off-grid water supplies, because it’s so simple to set up and cost-effective to get your water this way — and it’s kind to the environment too.

It helps to protect diminishing natural water supplies, doesn’t involve polluting transport and eliminates the need for equally environmentally harmful plastic bottles. You can place one of our unobtrusive atmospheric water generator machines in your home or place of the work and it will wring moisture from the surrounding air and purify and filter it so that it’s clean and tastes terrific.


Get in touch with Eshara Water now and find out how you can get your own atmospheric water generator and become sustainable with an off-grid water supply that never runs out.

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